About Tugwell Park

Where We Are

Tugwell Park lies in the northern part of the Borough. Wilton Avenue is the main access road.

Stagecoach Buses stop on nearby Wilton Ave and Hampden Park Train Station is approximately fifteen minutes walk from Tugwell Park.

Tugwell Park


Originating on an area formerly part of Winkney Farm. The site lies amongst housing built from the 1930s onwards. Some decades ago the site was used for land fill and then became Winkney Recreation Ground. In 2009 local residents voted to rename the ground Tugwell Park.

In 2011 the park became nominated as a Queen Elizabeth II Field.

Main Attractions

In the eastern corner of the site is a well equipped playground completely refurbished in 2010. There is a large playing field for informal recreation. This has one set of football goal posts set up for casual use. Seating is provided around the edge of the field.

We also have football in the park run by Albion in the community and family fitness sessions with www.haveahart.co.uk.